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Teaching Factory Competence Center: Industrial pilots towards digital transformation

Industrial pilots towards digital transformation

Digitalization of industry is one of the prominent objectives that companies aim to achieve nowadays. A diligently designed set-up, consisting of advanced technologies, that is going to be incorporated within the existing industrial facilities or be part of a new workplace, needs to be innovative and revolutionary to confront current challenges. Industrial environments of collaborative robotics ensure that human takes center stage in the production process and the familiarization of employees with Industry 4.0 technologies is a necessary first step that bridges the gap between them.

Upskilling the workforce and designing user-centric workplaces not only promote smart manufacturing but also foster a robust safety culture. While theoretical knowledge is crucial, engineers and operators also need practical experience with real-world scenarios that may be the future applications of their production line. In Teaching Factory Competence Center, this concept becomes reality, where training and technical services are taking place contributing to the digital transformation of both national and European manufacturing industries. Within the context of the CONVERGING Project, the Teaching Factory Competence Center will host the aircraft production Pilot case and provide support through its dedicated personnel. Via the Open Pilots Network, which will be created in CONVERGING, the project results will gain high visibility at national and international level. By leveraging this network, the digital transformation achievements will be widely disseminated, generating valuable insights and facilitating knowledge exchange among research and industry.

Industrial pilots play a crucial role in raising awareness and building trust in cutting-edge technologies, paving the way for the growth and evolution of industrial companies. The CONVERGING Project's industrial pilot cases will serve as inspiring examples for others, instilling confidence in embracing digital transformation and driving the industry forward. By embracing digital transformation and conducting industrial pilots, companies can unlock new possibilities and improve efficiency. Through the Open Pilots Network, a collaborative environment is being developed where research and industry can join forces to shape the future of manufacturing.