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CONVERGING, as an Innovation Action project is targeting four different production domains, each one manifesting a diversified set of requirements.

CONVERGING has set out the following objectives:

Objective O1: Implementing a highly reconfigurable production system by deploying collaborative robotics and smart mechatronic devices, relying on multi-level AI to achieve autonomy.

Objective O2: Providing open and standard means to interconnect all production entities (Big Data pipeline) for real time capturing (Digital Twin), storing (Data at Rest) and processing (Data in Motion) to support autonomous and collaborative behavior with minimal user intervention.

Objective O3: Establishing a human centered social-industrial environment where all activities and interactions with humans are dynamically shaped to maximize user experience, trust, skills & safety.

Objective O4: Providing the software and hardware interfaces to ensure safe and seamless interaction with collaborative robotic solutions, minimizing learning curves and setup times.

Objective O5: Create innovation ecosystem through a network of open Pilot Lines- involving robotic application stakeholders, SMEs and RTOs to inspire further development and deployment.