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10th Workshop on Hybrid Production Systems

Robotics is a field that has seen tremendous growth and innovation in recent years, with a wide range of applications from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and entertainment. To further advance the robotics community, the European Commission has launched several key projects under the Horizon Europe program. These projects are aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation among stakeholders, while also offering a range of services to support the development of new ideas and technologies.

A unique opportunity has arisen for interested parties to discover these key Horizon Europe projects in the 10th Workshop on Hybrid Production Systems which is organizing the HPS Cluster together with the CONVERGING project on March 15th.

The HPS workshop 2023 is organized into four core sessions or thematic areas:

  • Session 1: Intelligent workpiece handling
  • Session 2: Handling systems for flexible materials
  • Session 3: Ai for Human-Robot Collaboration
  • Session 4: Seamless Human-Robot Collaboration

The workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to meet with project coordinators and representatives, discuss community building, and learn about the benefits these projects offer to the robotics community at large.

The session will begin with an introduction by the European Commission, which will provide an overview of the Horizon Europe program and its focus on robotics. Following this, project coordinators will present three key projects: euRobotics, DIH-HERO, and ESMERA. Participants will learn about the content of the project portfolio and will be invited to discuss it with project representatives during a Q&A session.

Through the workshop, participants will learn about the services offered by the projects. They will also have an opportunity to discuss collaboration possibilities with project representatives and other members of the robotics community. The session will be interactive, with a slide used during the presentations to collect ideas about community building around the projects.

In conclusion, the Horizon Europe program offers a unique opportunity for the robotics community to collaborate and innovate. By attending this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to discover key projects and services, meet with project coordinators and representatives, and discuss how to create a community around these projects. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for anyone interested in the development of robotics technologies in Europe.


Register to the workshop, by following the link here !