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CONVERGING: 3rd CONVERGING GA Meeting at FORD's Premisses

On January 17 and 18, 2024, the CONVERGING had its 3rd GA Meeting at FORD's premises in Valencia, Spain. The project's consortium had a dynamic and productive in-person meeting, which provided the participants with the opportunity to delve into discussions, share insights, and plan the project's next steps.

The work package leaders had an impactful role during the meeting, delivering comprehensive presentations on the progress achieved thus far and outlining the roadmap for upcoming phases. The WP presentations sparked engaging discussions among consortium members, with a particular focus on the technical aspects of the project and the development of showcases. The collaborative nature of these discussions underscored all partners' commitment to collectively shaping the project's trajectory.

CONVERGING - 3rd GA Meeting 1

An exciting moment of the event was the guided tour of FORD's premises on the first day. Consortium members had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the cutting-edge technologies implemented by FORD. Additionally, they explored the production lines of two vehicle models, gaining valuable insights into the practical applications of CONVERGING's innovations in a real-world manufacturing environment. The second day of the meeting was dedicated to strategic discussions about project communication.

CONVERGING - 3rd GA Meeting 2

The consortium deliberated on elevating the project's branding and visibility within targeted audiences. As preparations for the upcoming first review meeting took center stage, consortium members engaged in constructive conversations, ensuring they were well-prepared to showcase the project's advancements and achievements.

CONVERGING - 3rd GA Meeting 3


The essence of teamwork and a united commitment to the project's triumph infused every part of the meeting. Leaving Valencia, the consortium felt reenergized and armed with a more defined outlook on the project's forthcoming actions. The 3rd CONVERGING General Assembly Meeting not only strengthened the bonds among consortium members but also highlighted the potential for significant and impactful outcomes in the journey towards a more connected and innovative future.