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CONVERGING at EFFRA's Manufacturing Partnership Day 2023

On September 26, 2023, CONVERGING had the opportunity to participate in the Manufacturing Partnership Day 2023, organized by EFFRA. This event brought together forward-thinkers, creators, and experts eager to shape the future of European manufacturing. In this blog post, we'll explore how CONVERGING made a significant impact on this exciting day of innovation, teamwork, and progress.


CONVERGING during the event had the opportunity to showcase its transformative work, engaging attendees in dynamic discussions that ignited inspiration and collaboration. These conversations sowed the seeds for future partnerships and innovations.

A standout moment was the 20-minute presentation dedicated to the CONVERGING Project. During this session, we had the privilege to elucidate our project's ambitions, methodologies, and anticipated outcomes. The presentation concluded with an engaging round-table discussion, featuring not only CONVERGING but also the FLUENTLY, COALA, and ASSISTANT Projects. This lively exchange of ideas and experiences enriched the event.


The European Factories of the Future Research Association is a dynamic, ever-growing network consisting of industrial, academic, research, and other key stakeholders. Their shared mission? The transformation of production technologies in Europe. EFFRA proudly represents the manufacturing research community within the European Union's 'Factories of the Future' partnership.

The "Manufacturing Partnership Day 2023" was orchestrated by EFFRA, and served as a focal point for 47 pioneering EU-funded projects. Generously supported by the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe work programs, these projects spanned a vast array of manufacturing-related domains. Together, they embodied the cutting-edge innovation and collaborative spirit driving Europe forward.


Each project took center stage by hosting informative booths, fostering networking, and sharing knowledge. The event attracted over 300 participants from diverse backgrounds, including industry leaders, academics, policymakers, and civil society. Among these distinguished participants, the CONVERGING Project stood proudly.


In essence, the Manufacturing Partnership Day 2023 was a resounding success, epitomizing the spirit of innovation, cooperation, and knowledge-sharing that propels Europe's research and development endeavors forward. As we set our sights on the future, the CONVERGING Project remains steadfast in pushing the boundaries of manufacturing technologies.